What is ‘winning’ using feminine energy?

What is ‘winning’ using feminine energy?

A little bit of a sidebar – but very interesting on how our society views masculine and feminine energy. (If you want to know more about masculine and feminine energy in leadership check out a previous blog here)

A while ago a male colleague of mine was excitedly telling me about the new Mad Max film (yes this was a while ago!) and he said, “You’ll love it, the woman lead is amazing and strong and fights and everything! You’d like that for female empowerment.”

My response was, “So she’s taking on the typical ‘man’ role and ‘male’ qualities, is that what female empowerment is about? Or should it be how we value feminine energy in both women and men.”

And then I got thinking – when do we see films using functional feminine energy as the answer or the resolution? When do we see men and women gain strength in this way? I can think of lots of examples where we see ‘winning’ or resolution through fighting and power struggles (maybe I love action films too much!)

I asked my network for what they thought were films that valued feminine energy and used it to resolve issues, and here’s some of what we came up with:

Dead Poet’s Society

The Blind Side

Pay it Forward



As I think it’s not enough to say we have equality and empowerment when women are shown in ‘traditional male’ roles. We will have true equality when the feminine is valued in balance with the masculine in both women and men, and society at large. And what we represent in our modern stories plays a huge part in influencing this.

Rebecca Livesey
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