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At Achieve-Lead-Succeed we love working with leaders and organisations to help them value their greatest asset in their business: their people.

Rebecca Livesey helps develop captivating leaders who want to make a difference in the world through changing the way we do business.


With her engaging and enthusiastic personality and passion for people, Rebecca’s leadership style is energetic, relevant and inspiring to those around her. By working with leaders and organisations, Rebecca will identify not only the best leadership strategy for you but a culture that aligns with the values of you and your people.


People have described Rebecca’s approach as empowering, engaging and relevant to each and every organisation that she has worked with.


Let’s work together!

  • Leadership coaching and training for organisations and individuals
  • Team building sessions
  • Facilitation, Executive Sessions, Strategic Direction and Culture Development

Keynote Speaking

Rebecca Livesey is a powerful and captivating keynote speaker who is known to empower and engage her audience through her own experiences. She speaks from her unique perspective and is best known for the impact that she has on her audience. Her passion for business, people and leadership leaves a lasting impression on those around her.

Rebecca Livesey is renowned for her dynamic, engaging and uplifting presentations on the topics she loves the most: women in leadership, masculine and feminine energy and the importance of diversity. Rebecca is passionate about helping leaders in business see the true value of people in their organisations.


Rebecca has presented at some of Australia’s most recognised organisations including conferences and events where she has inspired people with her approach to business and translated ideas into effective and innovative strategies.


“Rebecca’s facilitation skills and ability to read a room and draw on her broad experience and knowledge base to shift her content accordingly are second to none.”

Rebecca’s most passionate topics to speak about are:


  • Valuing both feminine and masculine energy in life, leadership & business
  • Women in Leadership – Let’s fix business before we ‘fix’ women
  • Succeeding in Male-Dominated Environments
  • The Importance of Diversity
  • Linking together Strategy, Leadership & Culture Change


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Hooked on Leadership Workshop

Hooked on Leadership is a two-day corporate-to-country style leadership program using horses to reflect the personality types of leaders to show their strengths and limitations.

Hooked on Leadership is a workshop with a distinct difference that gives immediate results in a dynamic and unique environment.


This two day event has the power to change your leadership performance forever. Hooked on Leadership helps you improve your leadership style through horsemanship. We focus on developing certainty, presence and service in your style to help improve engagement and results in your team.


Developed by Rebecca Livesey and Angela Koning, it is a unique and different way to experience leadership training and team building.


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