New Events (JUNE) – Culture and the Right Fit | Parramatta

New Events (JUNE) – Culture and the Right Fit | Parramatta

“Our people are our greatest asset”

“Our employees come first”

“Our human capital is what’s important to us”

As employees, how often do we hear that our people are our greatest asset and as leaders, how often do we say this to our teams?

Right now at best we have 50% employee engagement from our people, with over 30% of employees choosing to leave organisations based on management and the way they are treated. Organisationally we fail at implementing around 70% of change initiatives. This indicates that we are not creating a business environment where people feel valued and appreciated.

During this boardroom lunch, Leadership Executive, Rebecca Livesey from Achieve-Lead-Succeed and HR & Recruitment Consultant, Amrutha Murali from Job Fitts delve into organisational culture and the importance of hiring people that align with your company values. And as leaders, how you can create a culture that inspires your people to peak performance.

Parramatta 5th June: find our more here

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