Episode 8: The Power of Business to Transform Lives

Episode 8: The Power of Business to Transform Lives

I believe that business is one of the platforms that allow us to truly influence, impact and transform not only the world but the lives of others.

In today’s episode we talk about just that, with someone who is quite special to me. Wendy Daily, is the CEO of iSanctuary, a growing NFP in the US, which empowers young women rescued from human trafficking. iSanctuary teaches women how to support and sustain themselves through learning new skills, one of which is jewellery-making, but encompasses all the associated business skills that goes with it.

Join Wendy and I as we discuss why businesses need to identify what their purpose is, focus on it, and ensure it’s a  purpose that’s worth living for:

  • Why we all need to be different to accomplish our mission
  • We are here to empower and not fix what is broken
  • And why no organisation can do it all but if everyone does their portion, we can really make an impact.


You can find out more about iSanctuary here, and make a donation and contact Wendy personally here

Tune in and discover the amazing work Wendy and iSanctuary are doing.

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