Episode 7: Culture Orb

Episode 7: Culture Orb

What comes to mind when you think of culture?

The sea in which we swim?

The ocean that holds the organisation together?

The unwritten ground rules?

Processes, systems and behaviours?


Culture is held by us: the leaders. And as leaders, we hugely impact the culture of our organisations and our people. Good and bad.

In this episode, I share insights on how you can link strategy and culture together – and what the benefit of doing so are. We’ll cover how:

  • Mindset impacts behaviour and culture and why we need to understand the differences of every team member
  • Where you may have gaps in alignment
  • Why you need to have hard conversations
  • How the structure of an organisation affects culture
  • Instead of treating our people last and expecting them to fall in line with the existing culture, let’s put them first

Tune in as I cover the three key strategies that could be missing from your culture.


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Rebecca Livesey
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