Episode 6: Structure and KPIs

Episode 6: Structure and KPIs


With a new financial year, we thought it would be the perfect time to discuss structure & KPI’s, two words that we talk about a lot in our business and are essential for sustainability and success.

While some of us prefer to set monthly, quarterly or even yearly KPI’s to work towards, others prefer to set structures and goals in place.

But do they mean the same thing? Do they have the same outcome, just with a different approach or goal to get there? What do the words mean to you? Does one resonate with you more than the other?

In this episode, we welcome back Nicky-Miklos Woodley from Evergreen Coaching to discuss some key valuable insights:

  • Structure and flow
  • Measure a benchmark of success
  • Direction and goals
  • Guided direction and celebration
  • How to create sustainability and structure in success
  • And most importantly, how do we have trust, both in ourselves, the people we work with and in our business.


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You can find out more about Nicky here, and contact her via email.

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