Episode 4: Leading with the 5Cs of Feminine Energy

Episode 4: Leading with the 5Cs of Feminine Energy


Do you find yourself micromanaging your team? Controlling a project or overly stressed in time of change when you want to be able to step back? These are all signs that we are leading with too much masculine energy in our roles at work and as leaders. The need to control and always be certain, is our masculine energy coming into play and for many of us, changing the way we approach situations and tapping into our feminine energy isn’t natural to us – we have been conditioned to be more masculine in our approach.

But, is it actually effective?

As a leader or a business owner, knowing when and how to bring functional feminine energy into your role can be challenging. We often don’t know when or how and feel that we may not get the results from our people. Some questions that come to mind could be, How do you show care to your team without overcompensating? And how to show you care but not going too far and still remaining in a position of authority? Or how do you collaborate with your suppliers in a way that makes it about the business and not about each other?

In this episode, Bec dives deep into feminine energy and the different ways it can be applied to your role as a leader so we can make a difference in our workplaces!

We uncover: Change, Collaboration, Creativity, Care and Collective – the 5 C’s to practicing feminine energy and examples of how we can use and apply each one every day at work.

You’ll walk away from this episode with a different mindset and outlook on how you can approach work with not only your employees and your team but also your suppliers.


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