Episode 19: Embracing both Strategy and Culture

Episode 19: Embracing both Strategy and Culture

In this episode, we welcome Simon from MEC Mining to hear his views of functional leadership (in particular, feminine energy), how he went from a technical engineer fresh out of university to a leader with over 14 years experience in the business. Simon believes that the foundation of leadership is trust and creating a great culture will enable people, teams and organisations to thrive.

Simon believes in having a supportive team that is going to back the decisions made and adapting to market changes is fundamental to creating a solid work culture that are passionate about what they do. By building on the basis of trust and good relationships we create strong cultural workplaces that people thrive in.

Simon and I discuss the importance of balancing masculine and feminine energy in the workplace and how to find a balance of both energies rather than leading with the dysfunction!

Tune in leaders!

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