Episode 18: Embracing Re-birth – Living your potential

Episode 18: Embracing Re-birth – Living your potential

In this episode, we welcome again Nicky from Evergreen Coaching and delve into Embracing Re-birth, sharing insights and strategies about success, the imaginary corporate ladder and how we define success as leaders – it often comes from the masculine energy in us.  In this episode, we look at all kinds of success and why re-birthing gives us a chance to explore all our potential.

If you’re struggling to measure success in your work or in your role as a leader, this episode is a great one for you to go back to the drawing board and consider your beliefs around success.

As leaders, we need to be prepared to leave the corporate ladder and think more holistically, not being so focussed on moving up and leaving others behind. We need to continuously be re-birthing in order to propel us forward when we need to and think of all the ways that will help us succeed as leaders.

Nicky and I both share our experiences of success and the first re-birthing moments we had that led us to think differently about success, work and leadership.

Be prepared to change your mindset around dysfunctional success and broaden your thinking around the corporate ladder.

Tune in leaders!

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