Episode 13: Intuitive Business

Episode 13: Intuitive Business

Intuition is the natural intelligence that allows us to be ahead of the curve; to generate innovative ideas, to communicate powerfully with people and be intune with ourselves and others around us – in our personal and professional lives

In this episode, we welcome Christine Howitz from Cornerstone HR, a human resources consulting business dedicated to empowering business owners with the knowledge and strategies required to manage their team effectively. Christine is drawn to small businesses and is focussed on making a difference in their lives and their business.

Christine and I delve into intuition both in our personal lives and in our roles in business whether that be as a business owner or within a leadership role in corporate. Sharing valuable insights on trusting and believing in yourself and what you stand for, showing care, dignity and grace to those around you, communicating gratitude to empower others and as a leader, setting your intentions and your purpose for the day and sticking to it.

By managing your state and mental attitude through times of uncertainty and stress you will be able to in turn manage situations, people and outcomes you wish to achieve.

Remember: when you tune into your people, you will know what’s going on before it even shows up and that is leadership.


You can find out more about Christine here and contact her via email.


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