Episode 11: Overcoming Hyper Masculinity

Episode 11: Overcoming Hyper Masculinity

I believe that it’s not just women who need to value their feminine energy more but also men. Men are often conditioned to believe that long hours and discipline is valued more than emotion and empathy and have devalued their feminine side for a long time. We are starting to see this positive change now in younger men – through an increased understanding of the importance of collaboration and relationships, but there is still work to be done. Through these conversations we really hope that we can spread the message to leaders everywhere that feminine energy is valued in all of us – regardless of our gender.

In today’s episode, I welcome Michael Aichholzer who shares his story. We discuss his experiences with ‘hyper masculinity’, his time spend in the  military (and all the challenges that come with that), and his current role giving back to young men as a mentor at MensLink.

We will share insights on:

  • How contemporary messages around manhood and masculinity are confusing boys and men alike
  • Why young men need positive male role models to guide them to become good young men
  • Why we need young men to be able to access and talk about emotions, and not look at vulnerability as a weakness
  • The organisation, MensLink and the work they are doing to help, support and mentor young men in Australia.


You can find out more about Michael and MensLink here.


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