Episode 10: The Energy of an Entrepreneur

Episode 10: The Energy of an Entrepreneur

When you think of the energy of an entrepreneur, what comes to mind? Mindset? The need to always be busy, get things done and run on no energy?

In this episode, Nicky-Miklos Woodley joins me to discuss what the energy of an entrepreneur actually means and what kind of energy we bring into our businesses each day and how this reflects in our work, in particular discussing the idea of ‘creative chaos’

We share valuable insights for the entrepreneur and business owner who is finding themselves in a constant state of chaos and know that they are operating in the masculine car seat and need to slow things down, be more in tune with their mindset and trust themselves and those around them.

We will openly share insights on our own experiences as business owners as well such as:

  • Conditional trust v unconditional
  • The energy style that we bring into our organisation
  • How do we trust ourselves?
  • Self-trust, self-love and self-respect
  • The business owner v the entrepreneur – which one are you?
  • What is entrepreneurship?


You can find out more about Nicky here, and contact her via email.


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