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If you are reading this, you’re most likely here because you are a leader in business (or about to be), you understand the benefits of functional, impactful leadership and cultural diversity in the workplace and you may even have an interest in feminine and masculine energy. However, many of the leaders that you are seeing today do not represent how leadership should be or align with how you want to lead your team in your organisation.


Who are we and what do we stand for?

Achieve-Lead-Succeed is driven by the fact that when feminine and masculine energy is balanced and valued in the workplace, we will achieve equal and functional leadership and success.


We work with leaders and organisations to achieve just this. We develop a unique strategy to help you achieve functional leadership by understanding and valuing your people first. We then implement an effective leadership style that incorporates both masculine and feminine energies, then we give you the tools to empower and lead your teams with certainty, presence and service.

Currently, worldwide, there is 50% employee engagement, at best. This statistic suggests there is a serious leadership issue in business. It is our goal to develop legacy-focused leaders who want to bring their whole selves to work, who want to help release the potential of their people, and who want to make a difference in the world through changing the way business is done.


We help develop captivating leaders who want to make a difference in the world through changing the way we do business, and we are committed to assisting businesses in their plight to retain quality staff by building exceptional leaders.


Through strategic change models, culture frameworks, and behavioural profiling of individuals and teams we work with companies on: understanding the manager and teams thinking and behavioural styles, driving execution through people, leading cultural change across the business to enable strategic transformation, improving engagement and bottom line result.


For companies who want to improve staff morale and see it reflected in their profit margin, improving leadership style is the key; and working with Achieve-Lead-Succeed to create effective leaders is a pro-active start.

Building leaders who don’t need management makes for employees who
are happy to go the extra mile to represent their employer.

Rebecca Livesey

Founder and Managing Director of Achieve-Lead-Succeed


Rebecca Livesey is the Founder and Managing Director of Achieve-Lead-Succeed, a keynote speaker, leadership consultant and executive coach based in Brisbane, Australia. After working in numerous leadership roles in the UK and Australia in a range of industries, Rebecca founded Achieve-Lead-Succeed with a purpose to create positive change in business and help leaders unleash their potential and improve their culture to achieve results with their people.

Rebecca Livesey is passionate about creating lasting positive change in people and their organisations through better leadership, strategy and culture.


Combining over 17 years of experience in corporate leadership roles across Australia and the UK, an MA in Mathematics from Oxford University, and accredited behavioural profiling in both Extended DISC and Meta Dynamics, Rebecca Livesey’s key focus is helping individuals and organisations unleash their potential and achieve top-tier results together.

Outside of work Rebecca enjoys balancing both her masculine and feminine energies and living her life on purpose. She enjoys regular adventures around Australia and the world, scuba diving and four-wheel driving with her husband Chris. She recently completed the Tony Robbins firewalk and is also a talented creative writer. Rebecca is a proud sponsor of women’s charity, iSanctuary, where she is able to devote time to educating and empowering young women on feminine energy, business and leadership.

What does Rebecca enjoy most about working with leaders all over Australia through Achieve-Lead-Succeed?

Working with leaders so that they can learn to bring out the best in their people.

I believe we will have true equality when the feminine is valued alongside the masculine, in women, men and society at large.

Our Values


Showing care for the people around us; our teams, our clients and our suppliers.


Contributing and giving back to people and businesses when we can.


Being creative in business; fostering relationships and collaboration.


Challenging ourselves and our people.

Empowering Women Everywhere

why i support international sanctuary

When I started my business, I looked at where feminine energy and innocence is completely and utterly denigrated, and came across a small but growing NFP in the US, called iSanctuary whose mission is to empower young women and girls rescued from human trafficking. They started with Sanctuaries in India and are spreading to other parts of the world.


They do this by not only providing care and support, but also by teaching survivors to support and sustain themselves through learning new skills, one of which is jewellery making and the associated business skills that goes with it. I felt a connection to this organisation and wanted to help restore feminine energy in these women and help them in anyway that I could.

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