Hooked on Leadership Feedback

This two day event has the power to change your leadership performance forever. Hooked on Leadership helps you improve your leadership style through horsemanship. We focus on developing certainty, presence and service in your style to help improve engagement and results in your team.

Developed by Rebecca Livesey and Angela Koning, it is a unique and different way to experience leadership training and team building.

Check out what previous participants have to say about it!

Hooked on Leadership - Kylie

Hooked on Leadership - Chris

Hooked on Leadership - Mayor Chris

Leadership Training – WesTrac

Deliver a leadership program for c150 managers to help managers become leaders, to better engage and leverage their people through understanding their personal impact, developing their communication style and problem solving abilities, and embracing and embedding change.

Rebecca provided a leadership program for our top 150 managers across WA and NSW. Our main goal was to equip the leaders with tools to lead their teams through the enormous amount of change the business is experiencing. Her unique approach of first tackling the thinking behind leadership, rather than just leadership behaviours, means we are seeing leaders manage their emotional state and understand what is driving themselves (and others). It has also assisted our leaders to work together by assume positive intent and outcomes in conversations so that they drive the culture forward constructively even if the environment is challenging. Rebecca’s style is uniquely adaptable and she relates well regardless of the experience level or background of the managers she is dealing with. We highly recommend Rebecca and her work. In fact we are using her again to work with all our supervisors!



Jo Horne – General Manager HR (WA)

Workshop Feedback – WesTrac

  • Super engaging and informative, Rebecca’s understanding and delivery of material is second to none, the learnings gained have been empowering….. Frank Cucek – Branch Manager


  • The training offered fresh and relevant content which was delivered with energy and passion. This ultimately resulted in high levels of engagement and empowerment. Personally, this training has ‘opened my eyes’ to an increased understanding of my people and how to communicate with them to ensure we get the best out of each other. Thank you. Daen Ellenor – Service Manager


  • The sessions developed my understanding of what my teams’ require from me and how best to deliver; coupled with the tools that provide structure in approach. In a fun, supportive environment, as leaders, we’ve all learnt, grown and now apply the learnings that Bec delivered in a professional and engaging style. Rob Walters – Customer Service & Operational Support Manager

Executive Coaching and Strategic / Cultural Refinement – MEC Mining

Delivered and facilitated a series of workshops and one on ones to help refine the business strategy, and the associated cultural and leadership behaviours to support the change.

We started working with Rebecca in 2015 to assist us in refining our business strategy. Rebecca’s skills, knowledge and passion for strategy, leadership and culture offered an invaluable opportunity for us to continue working with Rebecca for close to 12 months to lift our already strong culture to the next level.

Simon Cohn – Managing Director

Facilitation and Executive Coaching – Generative HSE

Deliver executive coaching and facilitation to a range of clients on behalf of Generative HSE to embed safety leadership as part of ‘normal’ leadership behaviours and culture.

Rebecca Livesey is an impressive individual with vast experience and know how. She is in her element with senior business leaders, but is equally comfortable engaging with front line staff in a training or coaching capacity. Rebecca is engaging, dynamic and personable and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable and highly capable leadership consultant.

Kristy McGrath – General Manager

Strategic Facilitation – QWC

Rebecca Livesey provided a whole-of-organisation strategy and team-building session for Queensland Writers Centre. Rebecca brings a unique blend of science and creativity to her approach, which enabled one of our most successful sessions ever in terms of both outcomes and enjoyment. Rebecca displayed a wide and detailed knowledge of planning and facilitation methods and tools, and achieved an exceptional professional standard in her work with us. We look forward to working with Rebecca again, and recommend her as a great investment in building success and productivity for any organisation

Meg Vann - Chief Executive Officer

Resourceful Women Workshop Feedback

  • I loved the fact that the session focussed on how theory can be applied in ‘real life’ rather than focussing on conceptual ideas that are not viable, & I learnt the word ‘volition – Sarah
  • It was interactive & gave me some skills, tips & techniques I can take back to the workplace with me
  • I loved the closer group and more personal learning. It felt more tailored to the audience which was fantastic
  • It was informative & enlightening
  • I loved the engaging nature of the presenter and the anecdotal evidence to back up the theory – Eleanor
  • It was really well done. love to do more in the future – Lucy
  • I loved the small groups and open format, especially loved the anchoring and hearing how others learn and understand – Kate
  • I loved hearing that what goes on in my head is not just me – the other women hear the same little voices – Tori
  • I loved the practical skills to apply and the open conversation – Ruth
  • I loved the lively discussion and the range of backgrounds. Fantastic overview of key issues – Barbara
  • I loved the inclusion, the personal banter and the simple ‘tricks- Katie
  • I loved the relaxed atmosphere and the professionalism – Kylie

Leadership Coaching – Ange

Rebecca has a unique ability to connect strategy execution with authentic, purposeful leadership. As a coach, Rebecca is unrivalled in both her intuition and intelligence. She has prompted a transformational shift in my leadership mindset, with her gift of going straight to the heart of the matter and offering game-changing perspectives. The outcomes for me have been a redefined business model, more stretching professional goals and clear, actionable pathways to achievement. Rebecca is my go-to leadership coach.

Coaching Client: Ange Koning (Australia)
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