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Bec Livesey

I am an executive coach, leadership specialist and keynote speaker, and I’m passionate about creating lasting positive change in business, and the critical role of feminine energy and women in doing this.

I believe that we will have true equality when the feminine is valued in balance with the masculine, in both women and men, and society at large.

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My skillset ranges from an MA in Mathematics from Oxford (UK), to strategy development in large organisations, to leadership and cultural transformation. I am an accredited behavioral profiler and a trained NLP Mindset Coach, and I know that the best leadership training happens when we’re outside our comfort zone which is why I co-created ‘Hooked on Leadership’ where the leadership facilitators are horses!

I have held numerous leadership roles across Australia and the UK in a range of industries including energy, logistics, and mining services, even being a CIO with no technical background.

Now through Achieve-Lead-Succeed, I help leaders unleash their potential, improve their culture and achieve amazing results with their people.


Media and Publications

A selection of media and publications in which we’ve been featured


Business Insider Australia featured us after experiencing Hooked on Leadership.


Natural Born Leaders – A DNA Breakdown  Dynamic Business August 2017

Six elements that, when interlocked, represent the DNA of a ‘natural born leader’, and when separated and simplified, they become learnable and manageable traits


Business Women Australia & Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast with Annemarie Cross

Leaders who embrace both masculine and feminine energy engage their teams, collaborate better and can work for the greater good. How we work, not just what we do, should be a focus of our performance.


Hot and Healthy Podcast with Nicole Van Hattem

Balancing the masculine and feminine at work


Taking the Reins! – MEC Mining at Hooked on Leadership April 2017

What could horses possibly teach us about leadership? MEC’s Head of Talent Management, Cheryl Holton, saddled up at a Hooked on Leadership workshop to find out


Embracing Duality – Leveraging Masculine and Feminine Energy at Work APAC CIO Outlook Magazine Sept 2016

‘We need a balance of both styles, and an understanding when to leverage either, to get the best outcomes for ourselves or our businesses’


3 Hacks to get the Best out of a Technical Mind during Change APAC CIO Outlook Magazine June 2016

‘Our brains are wonderfully complex and sometimes appear to work against us. To manage the massive amount of information we receive every single second, we have developed hundreds of filters, and when we consider technical minds, there are three main brain ‘programs’ to take into account’


Developing Strategic Leadership APAC CIO Outlook Magazine Nov 2015

‘When leaders scrap the To-Do List and work on their To-Be List, they provide certainty for their people in this ever changing world’



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