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You’re most likely here because you are a leader in business (or about to be), and that many of the leaders that you’re seeing in the world of work do not represent you and what you know Leadership to be.

There is another way. A way that truly engages people, knowing that in business, people get results. A way that utilizes our complete authentic selves, rather than subscribing to one model where we lock parts of ourselves away.

A way that focuses on creating cultures and ideas that move us forward, rather than cultivating egos which drives unhealthy internal competition.

This is what Achieve-Lead-Succeed is about. Creating and championing leaders that want to make a difference in the world of work.


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Achieve-Lead-Succeed and Equenti: Hooked on Leadership – 14th & 15th March, 16th & 17th May

This two day event has the power to change your leadership performance forever. Hooked on Leadership helps you improve your leadership style through horsemanship and was recently featured on Business Insider Australia.

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I’m Rebecca Livesey (please call me Bec!) and I’m an executive coach, leadership specialist and keynote speaker. I’m passionate about creating lasting positive change in business, and the critical role of feminine energy and women in doing this.

I believe that we will have true equality when the feminine is valued in balance with the masculine, in both women and men, and society at large.

And that we have 50% employee disengagement in the world right now because we have diminished the role of the feminine in leadership.

Let’s bring it back.

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